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SCGrid 6.08   Release date : 2010-12-23

SCGrid ActiveX control requires Visual Basic 6 runtimes.


You can use the free version without any license, the latest free version is 4.5.05 Download

SCGrid on the net

SCGrid has now more than ten thousand downloads on CNET. Read user opinions.




SCGrid with Class

TreeView Class acts like the Treeview standard control and implements almost the same properties and methods.

DataGrid Class acts like a data grid control.

All these classes are provided with source (Visual Basic only).

All zip files contain a sample.


TabNavig How to implement a tab key navigation with SC Grid control or other grid component.

VirtualMode Shows how to use virtual mode with unbound data, needs Biblio.mdb database.

Database How to edit a database, needs Nwind.mdb (also uses SetPictureCell, GetPictureCell, Sort).

Misc This file contains 4 projects which show the following features : drag & drop, span cells, show/hide, search string, built-in edit box and custom edit control.

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