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The idea of SCGrid, an ActiveX grid control, is to provide only essential properties, methods and events which are useful to programmers, so they don't need to write complicate code. However, this is not a no-coding control, you still have to code to get the behaviour you need.

Here are some useful features, unique in SCGrid :
  • CellOver, CellOut events (inspired from the internet programming), are fired when the mouse is over a specific cell and when it quits the cell. Instead of calculating the position of the mouse and the width of rows, columns...
  • ScrollTrackCol/Row events give you the possibility to add a tip or just something else when users scroll the grid.
  • ColWidthPercent property (also inspired from the internet programming) with which you can specify the width of each column in percentage, so it will be resized automatically when users resize the grid.
  • Fixed cells are numbered negative so non-fixed cells always start with 0.
  • Autoresize Textbox when editing, built-in Mask-edit, some properties and methods can be executed using a script (new in 6.07).
  • Other properties, methods and events are just the same than other grid controls (ADO support, virtual mode, split columns, cols/rows spanning, OLE drag and drop, cell formatting, data formatting, built-in edit-box, combo-box, check-box, etc...).
This ActiveX grid control is an alternative to the MS datagrid and will meet the needs of most small business solutions.
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